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Frequently Asked Questions
When is the NFT Mint?
The NFT Mint Will Take Place on May 3rd, 2023.
How Do I Purchase the NFT?
  • Must have USDC on ETH or BSC network in your Wallet
  • Connect to FAMCO dAPP
  • Select one of the 4 NFTS you want.
  • Approve USDC
  • Done!
How many NFT Tiers are there?
There are 4 tiers:
~ Platinum $5000(Hosting Pass)
~ Gold $2000
~ Silver $1000
~ Bronze $500
What are the benefits of the NFT?
The NFT gives you access to passive income via BTC directly from the FAMCO's profits.
Why is the Platinum NFT special?
The Platinum NFT does not only give you 10x the rewards of a bronze holder but it acts a hosting pass. Platinum NFT holders can purchase their own miners and host them in the FAMCO facility and take advantage of the extremely low Kw/h cost.
What are the electricity costs?
FAMCO has negotiated for a price of less than $0.02 per kwh. This is locked for the foreseeable future.
How secure is the Power Infrastructure?
FAMCO has negotiated to obtain at least 20MW worth of power from the Argentine Government.
How many Miners can the FAMCO facility fit?
A 20 MW power supply theoretically has the capacity to support over 6,500 Antminer S19j units. However, it's important to consider that some of the power will be used for cooling and other basic needs associated with running a mining facility.
What is the Monthly Roi for the NFT’s?
There are many variables. For this exercise, let's assume every dollar that's raised is used to purchase 1000 machines (there could be way more machines purchased.) 1.6 million in total cost & capital raised in presale / $500 per revenue allocation = 3200 Allocations. 3200 Allocations / $270,000 in revenue per month (Thats $9 per miner, per day at 0.02 cents per kWh) = $80 per month per $500 allocation. It's very difficult to speculate how many NFT's there will be. With this forecast, platinum NFT's will earn $800 in BTC per month.)
How will the Rewards Be Distributed ?
The Rewards will be Distributed via wBTC on ETH and BTCB on BSC.
Is the Argentina power grid super stable with rare blackouts and no curtailing periods?
The power grid reliability is flawless in the north of Buenos Aires. That’s where the main concentration of industry is (and where our plant is.) Buenos Aires has a tons of plants with highly reinforced industrial power grids. The Ford motor company, Coca Cola bottling, Mercedes, Renault, ect are all there. In the south of Buenos Aires is different as that’s where a lot of the government subsidized residential electricity is being fed. They get some outages once in a blue moon when it’s record breaking heat. Argentina has an abundance of natural resources. We have all the energy we could use. The issue is that most of the power is given away due to the economy and there being subsidies. when you take a BTC mining operation that is going to use an extreme amount of power and pay for that consistently, they really rolled out the red carpet for us.
Does FAMCO ever foresee a BTC price where the miners as it’s no longer profitable? For example, if BTC came back down to 10k.
Due to the low electricity costs and all the benefits from the natural resources of Buenos Aires, if BTC was to retract back down to 10k, FAMCO still would be profiting approximately 100k a month.
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