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Introducing the First Argentine Mining Company

The First Argentine Mining Bitcoin Company Is Proud To Allow Investors The Opportunity for You to Participate in the Most Profitable Bitcoin Mining Operation Ever Constructed.
Bitcoin mining has become a lucrative business worldwide due to it’s increasing value and its inability to be manipulated by government. However, nowadays, access to inexpensive electricity, a crypto-friendly government, and a country with abundant resources is an extremely rare opportunity. Fortunately, Argentina is a country that provides us with those instrumental factors, giving us the most advantageous path to a massively profitable Bitcoin Mining operation.
The mining operations with the most inexpensive electricity are always the most profitable. investors in FAMCO will benefit from this, being paid out in BTC simply by holding one of our NFTS.
We believe in full transparency. We will be showing extensive invoices and plans showing how the Mining Operation works. The team is will be fully KYC'd by Truth Seekers before mint.