Monthly Earnings

Projected Profit.
To calculate the potential monthly earnings from mining Bitcoin using 1000 S19j Pros Plus miners, we need to consider several components, such as the hash rate of each miner, the difficulty of mining Bitcoin, and the current Bitcoin price. Here's an estimate based on current market conditions;
Each S19j Pro Plus miner has a hash rate of 122 TH/s (terahashes per second) and runs continuously for a month (30 days), the total hash rate of 1000 miners would be:
1000 miners * 122 TH/s per miner = 122,000 TH/s
Using current market calculations, we can project the daily and monthly earnings based on the current difficulty and Bitcoin price. As of right now, the current Bitcoin difficulty is 46.84T and the price of Bitcoin is $28,500.
According to the calculations, with a hash rate of 122,000 TH/s, the daily profit would be approximately 0.30 BTC or 8810 USD. With 30 days in a month, the estimated monthly earnings would be:
0.3 BTC * 30 days = 9 BTC or $256,000
(Projections Will Vary Over Time)